ELASTUS® HydroCool

innovative, elastic cooling bandage

Innovative cooling technology for fast pain relief, the treatment of acute and post-traumatic injuries, phlebology, burns and lymphatic drainages. This unique bandage combines a long lasting controlled cooling with a compression effect and allows for a wide variety of medical and sports applications. The alginate containing hydrocolloid matrix, free of alcohol or camphor, guarantees a maximum degree of skinfriendliness. The immediate cooling and compression effect leads to a quick pain relief and soothing of swellings. It allows an effective and long lasting treatment of traumatic injuries also for the other medical applications.


  • Cooling support and soothing relief bandage for rapid relief after typical sport injuries, e.g. sprains, bruises, pulled muscles and tendovaginitis
  • Post traumatic injuries, oedema, insect bites, first degree burns and lymphatic drainages
  • Suitable for other applications like thrombophlebitis, inflammation of joints and follow-up-treatments after joint operations


  • white


6 cm x 5 cm | 8 cm x 5 cm | 10 cm x 5 m | 10 cm x 7 m


69 % viscose, 31 % polyamide, hydrocolloid matrix containing alginate


  • Instantly cooling without pre-cooling
  • reusable through water
  • Controlled cooling for up to 4 hours
  • Alcohol-free, latex-free, free of camphor & menthol
  • Anti-inflammatory effect through cooling
  • Neutral smell and very skin-friendly
  • Easy to apply, non slip & crease free
  • Individually sealed