ELASTUS® fixationbandage

thin fixation bandage

ELASTUS® fixationbandage is an elastic, latexfree, smooth-surfaced fixation bandage with self adhesive finishing. Woven particularly thin, the bandage is very light and comfortable for the patient.


  • fixation (wound dressings, ointment dressings, spints, etc.)
  • skin care (Tape, casts, etc.)
  • light support bandage


  • blue, red, green and yellow


6 cm x 20 m | 8 cm x 20 m

Material composition

40 % cotton, 60 % polyamide, latexfree synthetic polymer adhesive


  • comfortable - thin and light structure
  • latexfree, high quality adhesive
  • cohesive - doesn´t stick to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Easy to apply – no tape or clips needed to secure the ends