ELASTUS® active

Cohesive, elastic bandage

ELASTUS® active is a latexfree, patented bandage specifically designed & developed for specific medical applications, professional and amateur sports. Due to its unique properties ELASTUS® active adapts to the changing pressure of blood vessels combined with a light compression effect, being maintained even under strong heat conditions. This allows for safe medical treatment of sports injuries as well as typical medical applications incl. phlebology. The bandage is water-repellent and can be re-used and is therefore economic.


  • Distortions, contusions, tenosynovitis
  • Ligament, tendon, muscle and head injuries
  • For medical treatment after fractures and operations
  • Support and relieve bandage
  • Light compression bandage
  • For fixation and as secondary bandage


Blue, red, yellow, dark green,
white, skin colour, pink
(skin colour and pink are not
available in size 2,5 cm and
15 cm)


2,5 cm x 4,6 m | 5 cm x 4,6 m | 7,5 cm x 4,6 m | 10 cm x 4,6 m | 15 cm x 4,6 m


  • Cohesive, self-adhesive, easy to unwind
  • Latex-free: causes no allergic reactions to latex
  • Soft to skin: hypoallergenic tested material, breathable
  • Water repellent, washable, reusable, odourless
  • No slipping, no wrinkling, with good grip and easy application
  • Material only longitudinally elastic
  • Padded: protects against bumps and injuries
  • Maintains support by retaining originally applied tension
  • Adapts to the changing pressure